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Rona Lemesh
Все замечательно, доставили подарки для подруги день в день за пределы Киева. Очень приятно знать, что в Украине есть такой сервис. Отличная возможность делать близким людям приятно, когда сам на другом континенте. =) Спасибо за вашу работу!
Hiciu Gabriel
Hello. It's Gabriel Hiciu here from Bucharest, Romania. Thank you very much for delivery my present to my lovely friend Vika from Poltava. I adore her so much.
Matt FromRaleigh
Hi Thank you so much for delivering the flowers Nadiya she absolutely loved them. I think this is a brilliant service especially with the photos at the end. i will definitely use you again and also recommend you to anyone who needs flowers delivered in lovely Ukraine Again thanks a lot Matt
Joe FromBirmingham
Hi again! Thanks for getting the gift to My Anna! She was very pleased and very happy with the quality and candy selection
Mike Detkov
Thank you for the wonderful flowers! The family said they were beautiful. Thank you again, Mike
Andrei Makarenko
Dear Alex, Thank you very much. You have great customer service! I am very happy :) Andrei
Brian Brouwie
Thank You All For Once Again For Making My Beautiful Lady So Very Happy With Your Delivery, And Thanks For The Scan Of The Order, Look Forward To More Business With Your Company Thank You For Everything
Louis Gegembauer
Thank You All For Once Again For Making My Beautiful Lady So Very Happy With Your Delivery, And Thanks For The Scan Of The Order, Look Forward To More Business With Your Company Thank You For Everything
Liliya Sydorinko
Dear Kiev Delivery Group, Many thanks for your fast, efficient work and successful delivery of my X-mas presents to my family. With warmest regards and best wishes for coming holidays to the whole team of KievDelivery. Liliya Sydorenko
Natalia Tuipa
Thank you for delivering, we really appreciate!
Edward Dames
I am a return customer. Your company is the best
Adrian Alonso
The service was good, they tried to fulfill all my requirements during a special and busy day as St. Valentine
Ronald Chubb
You guys did a great job on my St Valentine's Day order for my lovely girl Anna! Thanks!!
Tanya Klimov
Very happy with the service and delivery was right on time. Would use again and recommend to a friend. Thank you very much!
Howard Shawn
Hey Alex... 6 deliveries so far completed...ALL AWESOME!!!! great service and very helpful with ideas..... for each occasion.... wonderful photos!!! appreciate your concern and advice about dating in the Ukraine and to be careful..... very professional... thanks Howie
Ali Aydin
Hello, Thank you very much your excellient service. Today my order delivered. And everything was perfect. Thank you very much. Ali AYDIN
Ann Zubanova
Yvajaemmaia gryppa. Spacibo vam ogromcoe za dostavky, otlichnii service i ochen' vkysnii tort. Ia ochen' dovol'va svoim viborom i obiazatel'no bydy pol'zovatcia vashimi yslygami v bydyshem. Vash cervice na vicshem yrovne, molodchi, tak derjat'. Eshe raz spacibo, Ann
Shawn Wood
Dear Kiev Delivery, Please feel free to use my letter on your website for others to see how good your service is! My wife and daughter are visiting her family in Kiev during our anniversary so I wanted to send her a gift and a gift for the family for Easter. I found kievdelivery.com after searching other gift and flower delivery companies. I was impressed with the selection and prices of Kiev Delivery so I placed an order.
Shawn Wood
Thank you very much for the response and for getting this delivered... You are the best! I wish you happy holidays and thanks again, I know this is a crazy week with all of the holidays that are happening. Shawn
Richard Thоmson
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your great service. I have been using your delivery service for 18 months and you always exceed my expectations. Your prices are very reasonable and selection very good. To me it is AMAZING that I can order flowers/gifts half way around the world and have them delivered within hours!!! On occasion I have had special requests and Alex has always exceeded my needs! Thanks to everyone at Kiev Delivery!! Rick Thompson, near San Antonio, Texas
Chandni Batra
hi..ur website seems to be quite interesting..i am excited to place an order for my loved ones.
Magnus Nilssоn
Thank you very much!! You did a very good job! I am happy about this because it was an important occasion and I was late in ordering. I am very satisfied with your service, in everything. Next time I will use your company again Best Regards Magnus Nilsson
Calvin Bаrtolo
Thanks a lot for the picture and for your very efficient service. Best regards
Denis Kolisnichenко
Thank you guys for excellent gifts and amazing delivery! =) my friend called and was really greatfull and happy about everything! )) so I trully thank you! )))
Andrew Eymаn
Hello, great! nice photos! thanks for doing that. im glad everything worked out ok. thanks again -Andrew
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